Mucronate [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Mucronate:

Corniform: like the horn of an ox: a long, mucronate or pointed process.

Conelets subterminal, or lateral and subterminal, mucronate.

In Sesleria the apex is rounded with a short, sharp, prickle-like median projection (mucronate).

Occasionally the mucronate distal end appears to be the result of intentional termination of serrating at the distal end.

Anthers oblong-linear or arrow-shaped, mucronate, inserted in the throat.

The leaves are alternate, with six pairs of oblong-linear, obtuse, mucronate leaflets.

If the tip of the carpel is indented, it is said to be emarginate; if long and pointed, mucronate.

In zone view, the median line deeply bisects the longitudinal axis, ending in a mucronate central nodule.

The lower part of the body suddenly contracts to form a short, narrow, mucronate, pointed tail.

The first two glumes are empty, thin, keeled, and acute or mucronate.