Mud [noun]

Definition of Mud:

wet dirt

Synonyms of Mud:









Opposite/Antonyms of Mud:


Sentence/Example of Mud:

Do you expect me to pick up everything you've thrown in the mud and feel grateful?

Then she added, in a lower tone, "'Kuse me fo' throwin' mud on yo' coat."

At length we reached the firm ground, covered with mud and chilled with cold.

I was up to my middle in mud, at times, but the water was not very deep.

We were confined in a sort of a prison, that was covered with mud.

His cap had gone, and his fiery red hair was smeared with mud.

At last they settle to the bottom and make clay or sand or mud.

All their clothing was wet and they were discolored with mud.

Dick noticed that the troops who had struggled so long in mud and water were eager.

What the mud had been doing with itself, or where it came from, who could say?