Muddiness [noun]

Definition of Muddiness:


Synonyms of Muddiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Muddiness:

Sentence/Example of Muddiness:

Within this week we have been studying a stream, which has alternated in its clearness and muddiness.

She had acquired the London muddiness of complexion quickly, poor child, in the semi-subterranean life she led.

The horse played at drinking, pretending a thirst which it did not feel, and began to paw the clear water into muddiness.

Memphis was then, and is now, famous for the beauty of her women, and the muddiness of her streets.

The reverse is muddiness, which is sure to come from too much fussing and overworking of wet paint.

In the following names the sense may be sometimes then that of muddiness, though in general, as I take it, that of sluggishness.

The horse that had been loaned to them was a speedy animal and they made good time despite the muddiness of the road.