Muftis [noun]

Definition of Muftis:


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Sentence/Example of Muftis:

It was easy to see that he was much more at home in mufti than in uniform.

I imagine your excellency has obtained a dispensation from the mufti?

But in vain the Mufti, and the Patriarch, and the Pope flout at your past traditions.

He'd expected his tone of authority to be enough, even though he was in mufti.

People passed in and out, but nobody spoke to the sailor in mufti.

This time, however, appeared a mufti who was unfriendly to coffee.

He was in mufti, whoever he was, and received us kindly enough.

You mean the difference between a man in uniform and in mufti?

The third, who is in mufti, is Mr. N——, the procurer to the Chamber of Judgments.

Mufti, the civilian dress of a naval or military officer when off duty.