Mugged [verb]

Definition of Mugged:

hold up

Synonyms of Mugged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mugged:


Sentence/Example of Mugged:

Perhaps it would have been better had he stopped in Gueldersdorp and mugged it out.

So I took on the Lockyers and Procters, and mugged up the planets and stars.

"Mugging" was all right, so long as you "mugged" the right persons.

And Buller lit his candle and mugged at a German exercise till the supper-bell rang.

Each "con" was divided into two equal parts: the Duffer "mugged" up one; John the other.

The professional thief is the 'mugged grafter'; his photograph and Bertillon measurements are known and recorded.

Wish I'd mugged it all up overnight; but I carn't get it straight in my 'ead.