Mugger [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mugger:

Not that Walt was a mugger—as far as I know; but that's the pattern of the enclave.

The Mugger turned grunting into the undergrowth as Krishna rose.

Now a mugger's sigh is the most suggestive sound in animal speech.

Said a boatman, 'Get axes and kill him, for he is the Mugger of the ford.'

The Mugger opened his left eye, and looked keenly at the Adjutant.

"My child, I heard nothing," said the Mugger, shutting one eye.

She loses her eyesight year by year, and cannot tell a log from me—the Mugger of the Ghaut.

"That little white child which I did not get," said the Mugger, with a deep sigh.

There's a mugger's head between us and the next stepping-stone!

These made it soon evident by their motion that the Mugger had seized the kid.