Mugging [verb]

Definition of Mugging:

hold up

Synonyms of Mugging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mugging:


Sentence/Example of Mugging:

Perhaps I have been mugging it up as a preliminary to coming out here.

I hear from Mr Cookson that you have been mugging lately, just as I have.

They were chortling, pointing at each other, mugging for the camera.

I've been mugging away for the Diplomatic and I've just made an awful ass of myself.

This is known as a "mugging" camera and various types are on the market.

"Mugging" was all right, so long as you "mugged" the right persons.

I've been mugging up that beastly drill, and can't remember a line of it.

Spent the whole morning at the Brera, mugging up these old Italian Johnnies.

And his clowning and mugging made it impossible to play a legitimate scene with him, with any shadow of professional self-respect.

For the rest she spent August and early September in "mugging up" the firm's business.