Muggy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Muggy:

Sunday was a cloudy, warm day, "muggy," so Captain Zeb described it.

It was an intensely hot, muggy night, and the mosquitoes were thick.

It was a hot, muggy, August afternoon—Wednesday in Pittsburgh.

I have heard it complained of as being rather wet and muggy.

It was a damp, muggy January evening when I journeyed to this suburban retreat.

Sunlight will never get through that muggy thick atmosphere!

"It's getting too muggy to ride—or I'm getting too fat," he said, and patted his paunch.

Then they squeezed the water all out of it so it was kind of damp and muggy like.

It had been sultry, the first of a long series of sticky, muggy days.

The day was hot and muggy, and the atmosphere very oppressive.