Mugs [noun]

Definition of Mugs:

drinking cup

Synonyms of Mugs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mugs:


Sentence/Example of Mugs:

Here, Cyrus, you reach me down your mug—ain't them your shavin' things up there?

I suppose it was that picture with the mug and the clay pipe.

The mug shots were stuck on the card, arrest details and such inserted.

I don't care a hang; but there will be some fun when he shows his mug to-morrow.

A mug of mulled claret for a nightcap, and a good sleep, will set you all right.

I handed him a mug and modestly lowered the curtains, and he then did what I wanted.

But neither cup nor mug will pass, Without his honey-bee, sir!

He came gravely to the table at that, and filled a mug of ale to the brim.

He looked at her in a half-distracted way, and then put his hand to the mug.

No sponsor ever gave the new arrival a mug or a silver spoon.