Mukluks [noun]

Definition of Mukluks:

heavy, often tall, shoe

Synonyms of Mukluks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mukluks:


Sentence/Example of Mukluks:

There was no boot in the schoolroom, all were shod in mukluks.

The boy frowned as he tossed back his robes and drew on his mukluks.

He finished his meal, washed the dishes, and drew on his mukluks and blanket coat.

When they took the trail again it was in moccasins instead of mukluks.

At a near-by cabin I tried to buy a pair of mukluks a native woman had on, as I saw they were about the size I needed.

After he had taken off his mukluks and his frozen socks they wrapped him in their furs while he toasted before the stove.

At the camp-fire Sheba dried her mukluks, stockings, caribou mitts, and short skirts.

The well-equipped traveller has moccasins for dry trails and mukluks for wet trails—and even then may sometimes get his feet wet.

Their clothing is also marine, their parkees of the hair-seal and their mukluks of the giant seal.

The mukluks, with walrus-hide soles, were composed of the silver-padded feet of many lynxes.