Mulched [verb]

Definition of Mulched:

cultivate land

Synonyms of Mulched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mulched:

Sentence/Example of Mulched:

The beds would have to be boxed up and mulched very heavily.

All fall cutting beds should be mulched to prevent the heaving of the cuttings.

The roots are planted and mulched and the process is complete.

They always suggested to her the idea that they had been mulched with bank notes.

Hardy if mulched in winter, but best results are obtained if plants are renewed frequently.

They should be given well enriched, moist soil, and be mulched through hot weather.

In dry weather, a sodded area may be mulched with a half inch of fine loam to protect it.

The outside borders of the late houses should be watered and mulched, if the weather continue dry.

With another variety the yield of mulched potatoes was 252 bushels, and of cultivated, 385 bushels.

The orchards, formerly the pride of their owners, now dropped their neglected fruit which rotted and mulched with the leaves.