Mulching [noun]

Definition of Mulching:

the enrichment of land

Synonyms of Mulching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mulching:


Sentence/Example of Mulching:

The mulching should now be moved from over the plants and arranged in the rows.

The fertilizing, mulching, watering, are carefully regulated for every tree.

A mulching of manure is good for them, and will keep them warm.

The quality of potatoes was not hurt by mulching except in wet places.

Mulching crops with straw or other litter is not very common.

This principle explains the benefit of mulching trees, plants, or vegetables.

Mulching with clean, dry straw, or with charcoal, is a preventive of mildew.

Mulching and watering is necessary to preserve the summer bloomers.

The mulching should also be sprinkled, but not enough to cause the water to soak into the bed.

Mulching should be removed from around the trees for hoeing, and then replaced.