Mulcting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Mulcting:

The entire business is carried on to catch and mulct tourists.

If he come into debt by Contract, or Mulct, the case is the same.

It is too early yet to say what the result of the “mulct” Act will be.

The offence that held 1500 soldiers in check was met by a mulct of two half-crowns.

The mulct to be imposed upon the parish of Epinal was never exacted.

When he is warned on a jury, he had rather pay the mulct than appear.

But incidentally, they're going to mulct every other cattle owner in the state.

My remark was an epitogram—an axis—a kind of mulct'em in parvo.

No mulct was paid for Harek's house-servants, and the rock was declared to be Grankel's.

The bondes came then, according to agreement, to pay the mulct.