Mulish [adjective]

Definition of Mulish:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Mulish:


Sentence/Example of Mulish:

I was just mulish, I guess, because you were trying to stampede me.

He had a will of his own; and he was obstinate, mulish, pig-headed.

He was backing his judgment—or was it only his mulish obstinacy?

They were actually the most obstinate, headstrong, mulish people that you could ever imagine.

The mulish look comes into her face—the look he has begun to know so well.

Mr. Spokesly assumed a mulish expression and said, No, he hadn't.

But here, to my horror, that young man's mulish obstinacy came in.

It was a fine, young chestnut gelding with a Roman nose and long, mulish ears.

He knew this and yet he felt obstinate, mulish almost, as he sat down to reply non-committally to Miss Van Tuyn's letter.

Powell mounted The Rabbit, a plain bay country-bred much like Corks, but with mulish ears.