Mull [verb]

Definition of Mull:

think about seriously

Synonyms of Mull:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mull:

Sentence/Example of Mull:

I was awakened by a cry from Mull, who was also by this time at the Duke's side.

Mull is said to contain six thousand, and Sky fifteen thousand.

The Isle of Mull is perhaps in extent the third of the Hebrides.

There was no house in Mull to which he could not introduce us.

It was yet better to see it, and we stopped at some rocks on the coast of Mull.

Also, when things are mismanaged; "we have made a mull of it."

But I've got to mull over it a little before it would make sense.

But their courage did not keep them long at it in gauze de Chambery and India mull.

"There's nothing to mull it in here, my little girl," objected the barrister.

Captain Mull was a man of method, and a thorough man-of-war's man.