Mulling [verb]

Definition of Mulling:

think about seriously

Synonyms of Mulling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mulling:

Sentence/Example of Mulling:

The lookout broke in on his mulling over with a sudden shout.

Al fell back on an idea that he himself had been mulling over.

He had an idea or two which he had been mulling over that concerned the artist.

Of evenings we can court and drink liquor of my own mulling.

The best way of mulling claret is simply to heat it with a sufficient quantity of sugar and a stick of cinnamon.

Alcorn, mulling over the cryptic half-knowledge gained from the clippings, wondered what the little psychiatrist might make of it.

Barth sat at the great screen, watching as they drew on steadily toward the rendezvous, mulling over his plans.

In reality, had Bob only known, they were mulling the situation over in their respective minds, and Carson knew they were.

She was still thinking of it, mulling it all over and over in her mind, when the motor rolled up to the Beeston door.

Here, perhaps, there is an example of the eternal recurrence that Nietzsche was fond of mulling over in his blacker moods.