Multicolored [adjective]

Definition of Multicolored:

having various hues

Synonyms of Multicolored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Multicolored:

Sentence/Example of Multicolored:

In life she had been dynamic, a warm, multicolored, perfumed cloud.

The companionway was strewn inches deep in multicolored gems.

He looked thoughtfully at the multicolored flame of the driftwood fire.

Star-flowers shed their multicolored radiance everywhere, and starlight poured prodigally down from the sky.

The floor was a mosaic of multicolored stones, formed into large symmetrical designs.

Elsewhere, the multicolored sky flamed with changing hues, reflected in a sea of glass.

Well I dont see any corals, declared Tom after he had gazed at the multicolored objects upon the ocean bottom for some time.

Chart after chart, with jagged lines and multicolored areas, flipped by under Baker's fingers.

Below, the multicolored desert, deep cut with the canyons which carry off the many little rivers.

As they approached he changed color, trying to imitate the multicolored coral against which he rested.