Multiplex [adjective]

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For the form of contrarieties is multiplex, as logicians teach.

For that which is in itself one, men imagine to be multiplex.

At one angle of his multiplex character the man must have been a born actor.

Harrowed by the multiplex difficulties surrounding an intrigue, Persis was kept waiting at the door a long time in the cold.

In the multiplex theism of certain Christian churches, three entirely distinct deities consistent with only one.

We met them in the first place in a highly developed form in connection with multiplex personality in Chapter II.

Its place was taken by slower but preferable systems: those of duplex and multiplex telegraphy.

Messages are “duplex” when they travel across one another, “multiplex” when they travel together.

The greatest difficulty in multiplex telegraphy has been to adjust the timing exactly.

The flowers are somewhat singular, arranged in corymbs of a multiplex character; they are very large, often 5in.