Multipurpose [adjective]

Definition of Multipurpose:

able to be used for several purposes

Synonyms of Multipurpose:

Opposite/Antonyms of Multipurpose:


Sentence/Example of Multipurpose:

Seek out a multipurpose spray that will work on your surfaces ranging from tile and wood floors to carpets, as well as your laundry.

Klein, who has clients all over the world, has been swamped with requests to create multipurpose rooms and, importantly, spaces that can serve multiple generations.

For centuries, Coast Salish women wove heavy, multipurpose blankets out of dog and goat hair.

Demand for tickets soared and the supply dropped as more teams moved from large, multipurpose venues into small stadiums designed for soccer.

The multipurpose app, which started as an Uber-like ride-hailing platform, now provides payment, sales, and financing options to millions across Southeast Asia, where roughly 75% of people are unbanked.

The new mesh, Canal WiFi, has since morphed into a multipurpose community platform, offering Canal’s 12,000 residents information in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese on everything from eviction protection to coronavirus tests to immigration support.

WeChat, a multipurpose app used widely in China for everything from messaging to payments, had been set to be pulled from Google’s and Apple’s app stores on Sunday.

While TikTok is likely to survive in the US, WeChat looks all but guaranteed to stop working in just two days, cutting off its roughly 19 million daily users from a multipurpose app they use to work, research, and talk to family and friends.

Because the entire point of a knife is to give you a multipurpose tool that’s always on hand, the most important thing a knife needs to do is to be easy to carry.