Mum [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Mum:

You were the little clerk who sat so mum in the corner, and then cried fy on the gleeman.

Ye haven't; then I very much doubt if ye'll see him this day, mum.

"I'm afraid as how the house was too quiet for Mr. Grierson, mum," she wound up.

If you please, Mum, it's below the waist; I think I can manage with the dummy.

And if you should chance to meet this party again, remember, mum's the word.'

They are mum as oysters; one can't get any information from them.

He was packing what things he had there, but when he saw you weren't on, he kept it mum.

At eighteen months the intelligence could walk, sit up, and say 'Mum.'

No, mum, but I have regular company for four nights o' the week.

Faith, Mum, the wather's all right; 'tis the bottle that's dirty.