Mumbling [verb]

Definition of Mumbling:

say low and inarticulately

Synonyms of Mumbling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mumbling:

Sentence/Example of Mumbling:

I liked the sound of this and so kept on mumbling "All dead, all dead."

His voice had a mumbling quality and I noticed the strangeness in his eyes.

"Restrain your improper violence," he went on mumbling rapidly.

"Don't go near him," said O'Brien, in a thick, mumbling voice.

"Death amongst friends is but a festival," he quoted, mumbling in his moustache.

Chattering and mumbling, Cain placed one of the fruits to Jim's mouth.

I wish you would stop that mumbling and let me hear your voices.

I always said so: sooner a lobster than a mumbling parson and the worms!

The two men were mumbling together—Ruth could not catch the words at first.

In a moment he was on his knee, mumbling the prince's hand, his eyes moist with gratitude.