Mummery [noun]

Definition of Mummery:

fun, quip

Synonyms of Mummery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mummery:

Sentence/Example of Mummery:

But your hypocrisy and your mummery shall serve you to little purpose.

That is as good as going to Church to be the central figures of the mummery of priests.

Even to keep an open mind himself to all the muss and mummery of the Church!

They too recognized him now, and realized that here was no mummery.

It was all humbug––all this mummery about intuitions and unerring perception and inscrutability.

These latter had, each of them, some mummery peculiar to himself.

All mummery was to be forbidden, and all monarchy to be called mummery.

For the rest, if this mummery humbles Lord Warwick, gramercy!

What an exhibition of mummery it was in that time-begrimed temple!

Any mummery will cure if the patient's faith is strong in it.