Mummy [verb]

Definition of Mummy:

dehydrate, dry up

Synonyms of Mummy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mummy:

Sentence/Example of Mummy:

Then the body had become a "mummy" because it was filled with "Mumiai" or pitch.

This was like his phantom, or, if one may say so, without disrespect--his mummy.

Little high voices called for "Mummy," and the children came in.

I beat the boy—not Peter's boy, our boy—he was rude to Mummy.

Mummy was afraid when people were cross; she liked me to be with her.

Because I thought you looked frightened, and I didn't like it; you looked like Mummy did sometimes.

His symbol is a mummy wearing a royal crown and ostrich plumes.

This scarab was in a ring on the finger of the mummy of a woman.

"Tum out soon, mummy, and dolly will lub you eber and eber," said the child.

The child turned to his mother, saying, 'Mummy, is that true?'