Munch [verb]

Definition of Munch:

chew, eat

Synonyms of Munch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Munch:


Sentence/Example of Munch:

Then she unrolled her own package of sandwiches, and proceeded to munch one.

"He's a vegetarian," remarked the Tiger, as the horse began to munch the clover.

He came back to his seat and began to munch them very contentedly.

He stopped to munch the last bit of corn-bread and drain his bowl to the bottom.

They were creeping about, and I could plainly hear them munch the apples.

“Munch must go with you, that there may be no mistake about the matter,” said my father.

My tongue was kept going all the time, for Munch wished to hear all about my adventures.

“Do you think, sir, that I could munch it up and see you starving,” answered Ben.

She crunches into the apple first thing of all and then begins to munch her bread.

I used to stuff my pockets with these delicacies and munch them raw.