Municipality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Municipality:

As for the municipality, this did not cause them much apprehension.

Judas—that's what it is, sir; the study for Judas in the fountain for the Municipality.

The child, now a sexagenary, disclosed it to the municipality.

A letter from me to the Municipality, and the Municipality will confirm you at once.

Any municipality with a revenue of £25,000 or above, is styled a "city."

The building in which it is held is the property of the municipality, but is leased out.

The municipality has almost completed the building of public baths which will cost £60,000.

They preferred to do any kind of work offered by the municipality of Belgrade.

The municipality at present existing is that established by the Taft Commission.

The peasants took what arms there were in the municipality, and made a bonfire of the papers.