Murals [noun]

Definition of Murals:

countryside; picture of countryside

Synonyms of Murals:

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Sentence/Example of Murals:

Congress had voted money for mural paintings for the rotunda of the Capitol.

They, too, like the Egyptians, embellished their tombs with mural paintings.

A mural tablet might be set in the front of the central building, at a small expense.

He meant that the faces of many of the figures in the mural were still blank.

The coins of Zamasp have the usual inflated ball and mural crown, but with a crescent in place of the front limb of the crown.

The split hair of your mural crown is not thinner than that voice of yours.

Modern opportunities of mural decoration are chiefly domestic.

Designers and mural decorators have been using the triptych ever since that period.

The mural portraits of notable Revolutionists seen there is modern work.

Another important instrument of the observatory is the mural circle.