Murdered [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Murdered:

Evidences that she was Murdered before it was Pulled down upon her.

Murdered in 1355, celebrated for her beauty and misfortunes.

Murdered by her own daughter's ingratitude and disobedience!

Murdered they must be in order that the participators in the outbreak may find retreat impossible.

Murdered beyond all doubt by the husband who drove her mad and made her life a curse.

Murdered before him, he must see the dearest object of his love, and this was his daughter Bianca.

Murdered under official sanction, in accordance with premeditated design.

The specters lips moved, but it was the echo which answered for them in lugubrious shouts: Murdered!

Murdered under the silent mouths of the rusty cannon which surmount yonder palisade.

Murdered by the Indians he had been, in front of the fort, in the presence of the officers of his own command!