Murderers [noun]

Definition of Murderers:

person who kills

Synonyms of Murderers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Murderers:


Sentence/Example of Murderers:

For beneath the suave smile of the Duellist they read the intent of the Murderer.

One evening the student arrived back at Stephen the Murderer's.

When they arrived, the pope cried out, "Stephen the Murderer, where are you?"

My hair stands on end, and a terrible voice cries to me, 'Murderer!

She made no answer to him, nor did she speak at all except one word, and that word "Murderer."

As he descended the stairs, the Murderer was humming a little tune.

Murderer, ingrate, traitor—those will be my names, perchance.

Murderer that you are, you shall yet suffer for your crimes.

Murderer as I am, I say it nevertheless, I shall always love her.

Murderer as he was, he seems to have discharged his duty faithfully.