Murk [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Murk:

All I saw moving was a heron; he was flying low, and disappeared in the murk.

It issued from the forest a mile away and its head was lost in the murk of the fields.

Through the murk Code could see the Nettie B. three miles ahead.

Or was there some prisoner like himself lost out there in the murk?

Whistler or Monet might picture for us the murk and mystery of this pregnant gloom.

I should as soon have expected them to send her into the murk of the bottomless pit.

Sir Edward and his son entered the murk, and had to feel their way, and halted.

The taxicab stopped at a corner, and Farland and Murk got out.

Farland is an old friend of mine, Murk, and he is on the square—if that is what you mean.

He had forgotten Murk in his interest in the conversation with Kate Gilbert.