Murkiest [adjective]

Definition of Murkiest:

gloomy, obscure

Synonyms of Murkiest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Murkiest:

Sentence/Example of Murkiest:

A murky light fell here and there from the copper-coloured clouds.

Our pursuer, overtaken by a sort of murky whirlwind, disappeared from our sight.

It was murky, but we needed no light for business like this.

The match flared to a point of brilliance in the murky gloom.

The day closed in a murky evening with a taste of smoke in the air.

The light was no longer pure; it was murky here as elsewhere.

"I think he'll win," said Morgan, drily, looking meaningly at the murky sky.

Blood has flowed as freely as the rushing waters of the murky Cumberland.

The inclosure was shrouded in the murky gray gloom of twilight.

But already the voice of Sergeant Rashid resounded in the murky room.