Murkiness [noun]

Definition of Murkiness:


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Sentence/Example of Murkiness:

All the murkiness, all the shame through which he had passed in Paris horrified him.

Will's devotion to me was the only ray of light in the murkiness of my spirit.

After our past week of glorious sunshine, this return to murkiness is far from pleasing.

Once more the tug took form, and the deck of the scow was revealed to the girl in all its murkiness.

They went outside to allow the murkiness to settle in the cabin, and Rick consulted his watch.

Paris is bright and warm and sunny, and contrasts incredibly with the murkiness of London.

This had for a time been stirred into some degree of murkiness by the feet of those who pressed curiously about the sampan.

And Nina, with her murkiness, was manifestly in love with this spiritual, this mystical young man.

In his supersensual way he had cared for her; and her nature, with all its murkiness, had responded to the supersensual appeal.

One gained an idea, opportunity rare in these days, of the murkiness amid which our grandfathers dwelt.