Murmured [verb]

Definition of Murmured:

make low, continuous sound

Synonyms of Murmured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Murmured:

Sentence/Example of Murmured:

“I would not be seen in the street with that scarecrow,” murmured Giles.

"Trouble him not," murmured the melancholy man, with gentleness.

When this was concluded, Mr. Gladstone murmured, "Our Father."

Even Corney's eyes filled with tears, and he murmured, "Poor Markie!"

"I'm aw'fly sorry," Billy murmured with a foolish, embarrassed grin.

It was a thriftless old door, such as bachelors kept, she murmured.

"Just a minute more and I'll ease the pain for you," murmured the girl, compassionately.

"I'll not say another personal word," he murmured, contritely.

Those who understood Swahili murmured eagerly to those who did not.

"That's strange poetry," he murmured, turning over more of the pages.