Muscled [adjective]

Definition of Muscled:

powerfully built

Synonyms of Muscled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Muscled:

Sentence/Example of Muscled:

He's not so large or tall, but quick and springy, and muscled like a panther.

He stood full six feet in his socks, and he was broad and muscled in proportion.

His small body might have been put together out of muscled vines.

Under that muscled body of his he was a mass of quivering sensibilities.

Maren was too much in her muscled height for the bird-like creature.

Iron Thoughts, twice as broad across the back as Tick-Tock, twice as massively muscled, looked like a devil-beast even to her.

When they had reached the solid ridge and were waiting for the others, Connear poked the Ojibway's muscled back.

He grew conscious of the muscled mechanism of his body and felt confident that he was physically their master.

I went in a stripling and grew into manhood with muscled arms big as a bookkeeper's legs.

The piercing black eyes were good eyes, and indomitable, like his muscled jaw.