Muscular [adjective]

Definition of Muscular:

powerfully built

Synonyms of Muscular:

Opposite/Antonyms of Muscular:

Sentence/Example of Muscular:

He knew the power in her lean, muscular arms, the strength in her narrow shoulders.

A little, muscular, brown man, with black hair and white teeth.

He had not touched a muscle or a muscular nerve; what then was the nature of these movements?

But Modred was in the pride of youth; muscular and sinewy was the frame of Modred.

Men, she says, maintain their muscular strength by military service.

The induced currents occasioned a muscular tremor in the fingers.

Five feet six inches; broad and muscular, but spare and clean-limbed.

Had I been a courageous or a muscular man I could have struck him.

With a sweep of his muscular arm he swung it open—and gasped!

Power for muscular labor can be furnished only by generous food.