Mused [verb]

Definition of Mused:

think about, dream

Synonyms of Mused:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mused:

Sentence/Example of Mused:

"What a pity Ruth Denton couldn't have had such a chance," mused Elfreda.

"I wonder what he meant by that," Langdon mused to himself, as Crane moved away.

"One hundred and three," mused the Trainer, making a mental calculation.

He smiled at her; and for a moment he mused again over that starry light in her eyes.

They sat down together in the dark, and mused over old memories.

"Girls must play the very deuce with a man if he ever lets them get on his mind," he mused.

"There is a great deal in what you say," mused Mr. Galloway.

"Not a tree on it," she mused as the car jolted her on to Uncle Em's.

"Too risky to scale that," Frank mused, as he noted the sharp-pointed palings.

Then he mused to himself upon the strange and incomprehensible nature of women.