Museums [noun]

Definition of Museums:

place for viewing artifacts or

Synonyms of Museums:

Opposite/Antonyms of Museums:


Sentence/Example of Museums:

The British Museum, indeed, was another of Esmond's birthplaces.

You did not see, then, what Miss Delacour says of the lady who took her to that Museum?

And now it is in a museum in Paris, far from its old owner's home.

You will find it in the Museum, "I hae been at Crookie-den," etc.

There also was the museum or university, in which many learned men were at work.

It is becoming a perfect nightmare to me ever since it has been hung in the Luxembourg Museum.'

The gentleman purchased the shark for a museum in Fleetwood.

He was offered a position in the archeological department of the museum.

"There is an expedition from the New York museum about to start for Syria," he said.

Preserved, you understand, same as one of them specimens in a museum.