Musicals [noun]

Definition of Musicals:

theater piece

Synonyms of Musicals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Musicals:

Sentence/Example of Musicals:

But when it comes to musicals and monocles I ask to be counted out.

I tried to make a go of the musicals, but it wasn't my line, I found.

So far he had been assigned to westerns, detectives, documentaries, a fantasy of the future—but no musicals.

Mme. Steinheil then came to one of my receptions and promised to sing at one of my "musicals."

They would obtain good seats for the Degollado Theater season: plays, musicals, vaudeville.

Other musicals had been given in Washington, but none like this; other balls, but this was meant to surpass them all.

But at receptions and teas and dances and musicals and committee meetings one or the other was on hand at Miss Dott's elbow.

There were also musicals at the house of Mrs. Sartoris, where the guests met her famous sister, Fanny Kemble.

It has degenerated into a sort of social organization, with musicals, pink teas, and church suppers as attractions.