Musing [adjective]

Definition of Musing:


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Sentence/Example of Musing:

"I don't see why Robert hasn't been and let me know of this," said Mr. Paine, musing.

Such, in truth, was too often the habit of the shy and musing girl.

He drove gloomily away, and Lucy Ann stepped into the store, musing.

But he only moved back a little, and went on fitting and musing.

"Yes, it's a good place for you to be in—I'm sure of that," said the other, musing again.

He sat in his studio, musing till it was too late to go out to dine.

"I heard someone say that in a play once," said Betty musing.

However, every ten minutes, she fell to musing and became absent-minded.

She passed days without weariness, gazing before her, and musing on the past.

So musing, he lit his pipe and examined the recesses beneath the driver's seat.