Musings [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Musings:

That he was constantly cheerful proved the matter of his musings to be pleasant.

Deep were my musings, as to the race and attributes of that ethereal being.

On the Rigi his musings on the magnificence of the view are checked by the presence of a cretin.

A drawling voice from the War Office broke in upon his musings.

Tired of these musings, he turned to the objects on the table.

If she heard she did not heed his question, but sat deep sunk in her own musings.

With a sudden start he arose, and rallied from these musings.

"I will be with him in a moment," replied Dunn; and again relapsed into his musings.

Then he paused in his musings and thought of all the injustice done to him by his mother.

My musings were suddenly brought to a close by a voice on the terrace beneath.