Musket [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Musket:

In spite of the wound he seized the musket and forcibly wrested it from our hero.

Those are not Sniders they carry--don't know that kind of musket.

All those who could bear a musket were gone to meet the invasion.

There are six thousand men of a sort in the camp, but not one in five carries a musket.

You were not hit by the bullet from the redcoat's musket, Dick?

A jerk of the whole ship was followed by a report like that made by a musket.

Before he could regain it, a Spaniard charged at him with a musket, and threw him back.

Take up your musket at once, or you will have me to deal with!

I may carry my musket in the ranks, but I'll not surrender my birthright!'

But Warren still declined, took a musket, and fought with the men.