Mussy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Mussy:

Before a month is out, you must be the wife of Mussy, Caorches or d'Emboise.

And it only gets you hot and mussy, and I love my wife to be waiting when we come up.

I'm perfectly sure I'll never care for babies, they are so mussy.

It may be all very well for you, Mussy, but it won't do for me.

Lauk a' mussy, bo', yeou goo to Sunday skewl, and don't know that!

And perhaps too, she fancied we were fixed up and she looked sort of mussy.

He'd be such a mussy lover; no satisfaction to himself then—or to the undertaker, either.

Blink see'd—he see'd—Laws-o'-mussy, baby, look yonder at dat little yaller rooster stan'in' on de fence.

The old place was as mussy and dirty as ever, with fat files of dusty old letters and accounts.

If the sugar is damp, it will mat so that the confection is "mussy" to the eye and unpleasant to the palate.