Mustiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mustiness:

Sections of the flooring and woodwork also reeked with mustiness.

The remedies for this malady are the same as those for mustiness.

The mustiness of dark rooms and corners, indeed, is proverbial.

On the other hand, it was damper than the outdoors and the mustiness was far from fragrant.

As it is, the mustiness and mouldiness of the tenants of the House of the Seven Gables crumble away rather too easily.

The heat had been turned higher after the noon recess, the courtroom growing sickly with a mustiness of flesh, disinfectant, dust.

Give it hempseed every day and be very certain the seed is sound and free from mustiness.

The bottles should be all sound, clean, and dry, and perfectly free from the least mustiness or other odour.

All mold and mustiness should be kept out by thorough ventilation and frequent coats of whitewash to the walls.

Gloom and mustiness were his first reward, but as his eyes became accustomed to the darkness he saw that he was in the kitchen.