Mutant [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mutant:

He realized that he was in the Mutant Quarter, not far from Myla's house.

That should be enough to tell you about the modern Pasteur and his mutant virus.

Any tribe led by Deklay would be hostile to the mutant animals.

They were a mutant breed, gigantic in physical stature, peaceful in nature.

Or the Solar System would be peopled by mutant monstrosities.

In the fourth figure (d) the mutant called dichaete is shown.

The answer is found in the way in which the mutant factors arise.

Yesterday, when he was so tired, I almost gave him back his mutant powers.

"The ship will have to be destroyed as soon as you land," Forential told the mutant.

After the first mutant wave had been captured, the switch would be thrown to the left.