Mutely [adverb]

Definition of Mutely:

without noise

Synonyms of Mutely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mutely:


Sentence/Example of Mutely:

Said, and mutely reproached him with all the pain she had wrought him.

Mutely together they moved through the lonesome, odorous twilight.

Daman looked at them mutely and ardently, as if consumed by an unspeakable longing.

I was not afraid, but my head swam a little and I only looked at him mutely.

When she noticed that Thornton was not eating or drinking she questioned him mutely with her eyes.

Slowly Professor Young dropped her arm, gazing at her mutely.

Mutely he came to me, pressed the letter in my hand, and turned away.

What she mutely seemed to ask of her friends was not to be made to feel.

Foma bowed to her mutely, not hearing her answer to Mayakin, nor what his father was saying to him.

M'Adam, sitting with face averted, waved to her, mutely ordering her to be gone.