Mutineers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mutineers:

That he killed a mutineer is proof of his resolute adherence to discipline.

"Perhaps I am going to give up being a mutineer," she murmured.

He would have resented the appellation of mutineer as an insult.

I looked forward; there, on the deck, lay Dan Hoolan and the other mutineer.

I turned you in because you were a mutineer and I was an officer of the Solar Guard.

Lay hold of the first mutineer, Poole, and drag him down here.

The mutineer was still reading, but now there was a light to read by.

No less clearly he saw how easy it would be for a mutineer to hit it.

I drew in my underlip, and stood up, looking at the mutineer.

She was frankly staring at the mutineer who made these astounding proposals.