Muting [adjective]

Definition of Muting:

unable to speak

Synonyms of Muting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Muting:

Sentence/Example of Muting:

She could not be blind to the mute adoration of his gaze; nor could she resent it.

It was hard to stand still and mute, and bear every thing, without reply.

Tom sat down, looking from one face to another, in mute surprise.

It was the mute, obstinate, eternal protest, and it was expectation also.

A deaf person had heard, a mute had spoken, a consumptive had revived!

I shook my head in mute admission of my lack of comprehension.

Not one of them was mute; And all and each that passed that way Did join in the pursuit.

When he looked at Lee, his eyes were filled with a mute plea.

The song of Llewelyn was heard by the shepherds with reverence and mute attention.

For an instant the venerable name of religion awed her into mute submission.