Muzzy [adjective]

Definition of Muzzy:

doubtful, uncertain

Opposite/Antonyms of Muzzy:

Sentence/Example of Muzzy:

Old Muzzy gave me a reproachful look and shook his head gravely.

Mr. Muzzy was much fatigued and out of breath with the walk.

No mere boy should come these muzzy tricks on me, scholar or no scholar.

"Only a dollar, sir, only a dollar with you," replies Muzzy.

You're precious sharp on him, Muzzy; it isn't settling-day yet.

Haven't kept a few stamps back to get drunk with, eh, Muzzy?

That's the price, Muzzy, and I wish I'd known what you knew, you old dog.

But Muzzy's diversion from the cause of his uneasiness was only momentary.

Why, Muzzy, if you were not too old to play the lover, I should say you were jealous.

Mr. Van Wyk, peering alongside, heard a muzzy boastful voice apparently jeering at a person called Prendergast.