Myopic [adjective]

Definition of Myopic:

able only to see things near at hand

Synonyms of Myopic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Myopic:

Sentence/Example of Myopic:

Fire flashed from his myopic eyes, which had exempted him from service with the army.

I had to save the day by answering that I was glad to be myopic just now.

He observed her; sparks glinted in the myopic eyes of this extraordinary woman.

For they are simply short-sighted trustful people, the myopic victims of the salesman and saleswoman.

Vague and myopic between their puckered lids, his eyes seemed lost, homeless, unhappy.

Thus it happens frequently in divergent strabismus, when one eye is myopic, the other emmetropic.

For near objects the myopic eye is used without accommodation and therefore also without convergent strabismus of the right.

But the myopic leaders of the Athenian state could not see salvation in intelligence, they could only see it in hemlock.

The point of view is too myopic, too tight and close to take in the inductive argument.

Therefore her thoughts and arguments were myopic, almost necessarily specious.