Myrmidons [noun]

Definition of Myrmidons:

partner in activity

Synonyms of Myrmidons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Myrmidons:

Sentence/Example of Myrmidons:

"You may retire, Captain," she said to the waiting Myrmidon.

He produced the ID card and handed it with the special card to the Myrmidon.

He handed it to the Myrmidon, who looked down at it, frowned, and then looked up.

"Oh—" The Myrmidon looked at him, then shrugged his shoulders.

But he produced his identity card and handed it to the Myrmidon.

"Let's see your ID card, please," the Myrmidon said in the same tone as before.

A Myrmidon was standing over him, and the child's mother was trying to lift the boy.

"Well," he said, looking up and seeing that his myrmidon still stood there.

We immediately got under weigh, accompanied by the Myrmidon and Slaney.

We have 33 on board, 17 were sent on board the Myrmidon, Captn.