Mystery [noun]

Definition of Mystery:

puzzle, secret

Opposite/Antonyms of Mystery:

Sentence/Example of Mystery:

"Marvellous, indeed, is the mystery of our being," exclaimed Anaxagoras.

From that day the fate of Leichardt and his companions has been involved in mystery.

It is the old land of mystery and wonder which the Greeks called Mesopotamia.

The difference too is radical; it goes to the heart of the mystery.

Will Nature teach them the mystery of a plate of turtle-soup?

Like a sentinel on that solitary plain it overwhelms me with a sense of mystery.

What is mystery for one age is not of necessity mystery for another.

But the mystery was to remain unsolved, since Gilder now entered the office.

She felt that this mystery held in it something sinister to herself.

He breakfasted at Mrs. McKee's, and was initiated into the mystery of the ticket punch.